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Select easily the date & massage type that fits for you

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Choose your favorite therapist and available times

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Expect your therapist and make your place a SPA wherever you are

Choose your preferred massage time

We know the availability of all massage therapists in your area and have illustrated them in this simple & practical digital clock. At any selectable time there is at least one of our therapists available for a massage appointment for you. Simply click on a time and choose the start time of your massage (the time can be chosen at every half hour). If our therapists should be overbooked, you can easily switch to the next day with the arrow keys above the clock.

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Choose your preferred massage therapist

We provide you with a selection of available massage therapists at your desired time - and you can decide who should come. We ensure full transparency. In order for the therapist to meet your requirements, you can simply click on him/her and receive further information - e. g. profession, professional title, professional experience in years, special and further trainings, etc.

Find your favorite massage therapist with us

All our therapists are fully licensed, insured & vetted in person within our multistage selection process. We want to set a maximum standard of quality to serve the best service for you
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Wellness therapist
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Booked ? and then what?

"Just lean back and relax"

Check circle 72f0b3e819e2bf013e08b33002cf1a600bb40f46fa4888644be6276f65b3f80eYour desired neckattack massage therapist is reserved for you

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Check circle 72f0b3e819e2bf013e08b33002cf1a600bb40f46fa4888644be6276f65b3f80eJust sit back and look forward to the upcoming massage

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neckattack - tip: keep 1 or 2 large, cuddly towels ready to make you feel even more comfortable and ensure a pleasant room temperature.

Massage types

Swedish massage 7a2ca0cadf0f5d6035f66a9c3b3c2149ac206c63973f247b28eb8a91f9bc290c

Swedish Massage

Exceptionally beneficial for decreasing muscle toxins, enchancing circulation and flexibility while reducing muscle tension.

Circulation massage 6efd84d2300e5640d3a45758162f7e1136b38672a87c5898e8f5473ceda82ac6

Circulation Massage

Perfectly orientated on increasing the circulation and lymph movement, including varicose veins.

Deep tissue c0d40be42803abe2ad01e07034e6dc3827139c56c074f9f007f62c7b2c52ae3b

Deep Tissue

Focused on the deepest layers of muscle tissue, tendons and fascia. It is ideal in releasing many kind of muscle tension.

Sport massage b6d0e2a5104978dc2071d0c66210e1ff50f26c8d8732c76cae9d5b36126a159d

Sport Massage

Improves endurance & flexibility, helps prevent injuries and optimise muscle activation (pre-sport) or recovery (post-sport)

Australian office 40d6e7147df4a61b7bcd7832d90b73561d79bee1a51c149ab775ebbd1c76b349

Australian Office

Perfect for 5 persons (1 hour) getting a motivating and muscle tension releasing upper back / shoulder / neck massage

Neckattack office 43258abbd2f0eedf8bf7d1ea2b8235d40464a13ccb05aad9b06ab48a26d56b4f

Neckattack Office

Significant contribution to health care and perfect for motivation of your stuff while increasing the productivity at the same time.

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Available for you from 8 am to 10 pm
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Free delivery
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Incl. massage table & oil

Simple pricing as never

easy, transparent, no hidden extras, no additional fees

Clock pricing 63de5fe8c9c3a72616cc13fbb00edd68e871fbf0fa0577a1fa9596920e573c20



€ 69,-

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€ 90,-

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€ 120,-

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